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{May 3, 2008}   PIF #3

Wow, it’s really true once that you break that crazy cycle of negativity, you are open to a whole new world!!!

Guess who I pumped into?


I didn’t even know she left me a message in my other blog when I didn’t have this one up.  So I’m sending good vibes and a RAK your way sweetie!  Shh, she doesn’t know because it’s a surprise – I didn’t know people were coming to my site and I don’t know the back office of wordpress nor blogspot so … it took me a while to realize she left me a message.

It’s midnight but that’s the witching hour when the creative juices flow.  Probably some hormonal thing from lack of sleep but shhhh…

No really, I’m up making cards anyways.  It’s a new program called “Clean Slates” honoring and thanking of Teachers.

Yup, you guessed it, I’ve been commissioned to make 8 Teacher’s thank you since it’s that time of the year.

I came up with the name also because they are dry-embossed with brass stencil on SU Whisper White.  I did use Fiskar’s border punches called Rope and Eyelet lace.

Oh, my!  Designing were so much fun but they are all white.  haha tempted to add color but I’m not.  I’ll be the first to keep it simple and one layer.  hehe..

What do you think of my calling them, “Clean Slates”?

My only thing is that it’s challenging to take pictures of them.  It turns out fuzzy.  Going to try scanning them.

Wish me best!


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